About Jeff;
Ever since I was young I have loved swords, armour, and history. I took few martial arts growing up, such as fencing and wrestling. Upon entering college I discovered there was a course that taught Japanese and European swordsmanship. This was Chivalrous Swordhandling.
Like many students before me I had a rocky start, but I eventually found my footing.  I took a shine to the Kenjutsu, I had taken Japanese language courses and the Kenjutsu added to my love for the culture.
Since 2003 I trained under our previous instructors in the methods of Sword and Shield, Kenjutsu, and Jujutsu.  I have since added and adapted the course introducing the methods of Longsword and Harness Fighting from Talhoffer, Ringeck, Fiore, and other masters. I hope to continue expanding our group’s knowledge in all facets of HEMA .