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The Flower of Battle: MS Ludwig Xv13
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A collection of PDF’s that were either already available for free online, or were put together by the instructors.

Sword and Buckler, MS I.33, 1320

Flower of Battle, Fiore Dei Liberi, MS Ludwing XV13, 1404

Württemberg, Hans Talhoffer, 1467

A Falchion / Langes Messer Fencing Treatise by Johannes Lecküchner, 1482

Gloss MS Dresd. C. 487, Sigmund ain Ringeck, 1491

Kunste Zu Ritterlicher Were, MS KK5012, Peter Falkner, 1495

Longsword and Dussack, MSS Dresd. C.93/C/94, Paulus Hector Mair, 1540

Joachim Meyers Fäktbok, MS A.4º.2, 1560